Chainsaw File Kits

A sharp chainsaw chain is essential for efficient and safe cutting of wood and timber. With a UNIVERSAL chainsaw file kit you can sharpen your chainsaw chain with ease. The UNIVERSAL range of chainsaw file kits offers an assortment of files and file handles to maintain your chainsaw chain effectively. You can use the flat file for depth gauge adjustment after chain sharpening. The file kits can also be used to maintain a sharp edge on grass blades used on brushcutters.

XrefPncChain pitchFile sizeMaster packaging quantityMore info
FLO0015776157013/8"4 mm / 0.16 "1577615701
FLO010577615710.325"4.8 mm / 0.19 "1577615710
FLO019577615719.325"4.8 mm / 0.19 "577615719