Metal lawnmower blades

A sharp lawnmower blade is essential if you want a good looking lawn all year round. Using a dull or blunt lawnmower blade can cause your lawnmower to tear the grass rather than cutting it. This tearing causes the ends of the grass to fray and lose water which slowly causes the tips of the grass blades to become dehydrated and turn yellow. Using a sharp lawnmower blade ensures that the grass is cut cleanly, helping you keep a lush green lawn. UNIVERSAL’s metal lawnmower blades are available in a range of sizes and are suitable for a variety of mower brands.

XrefPncBlade lengthBlade TypeMaster packaging quantityMore info
MBO013577616113420 mm / 16.54 inchStandard1577616113
MBO016577616116460 mm / 18.11 inchMulching1577616116
MBO017577616117400 mm / 15.75 inchStandard1577616117
MBO018577616118460 mm / 18.11 inch1577616118
MBO020577616120500 mm / 19.69 inch1577616120
MBO024577616124530 mm / 20.87 inchMulching1577616124
MBO025577616125500 mm / 19.69 inchStandard1577616125
MBO026577616126530 mm / 20.87 inch1577616126
MBO027577616127560 mm / 22.05 inchStandard1577616127
MBO056577616156560 mm / 22.05 inchMulching577616156
MBO065577616165460 mm / 18.11 inchPX3577616165
MBO066577616166510 mm / 20.08 inchPX3577616166
MBO067577616167530 mm / 20.87 inchPX3577616167
MBO068577616168560 mm / 22.05 inchPX3577616168
MBO069577616169530 mm / 20.87 inchPX3577616169