Leather Boots with Saw Protection

Saw Protective Boots are a must when working with chainsaws. Extra tough with added saw protection yet lightweight for comfort. • Steel Toe cap • Saw protective leather • Ankle Protection • Durable lining that transports moisture • Non-slip sole EN ISO 20344:2004 + A1 2007 and ISO 20345:2004 + A1 2007 • Made from good quality, water repellent leather • Saw Protection EN ISO 17249:2004 + A1 2007 • Class 1, 20m/s

Features for Leather Boots

  • Saw Protection 20m/s

    It is very important to wear the correct footwear when using a chainsaw. These boots have a protective layeron the forefoot and steel toecap that can help protect your feet from worse injury from an accidental slip when using a saw of up to 20m/s.

  • Reinforced Sole

    These Leather boots have a rinforced non-slip sole with a steel toe cap. Protects the foot from sharp objects underneath, stubbed toes and accidental drops. The non-slip sole means you can be confident on your feet when walking over rough overgrown terrain.

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