The X-ref is our guide to help you find the right accessories for your power product.

Partner P11577
X-REFPNCDescriptionCutting widthBlade lengthMaster packaging quantityMaximum Load WeightProduct size, LxWxHMore info
MBO050577616150MBO050 - Metal Tractor and Cross mower Blade77 cm / 30.31 inch770 mm / 30.31 inch10577616150
OLO026577616426OLO026 - 4 Stroke Oil 10W/40577616426
TRO049505699041TRO049 - Loading Ramp1000200x1500x35 mm / 78.74x590.55x13.78 inch505699041
TRO050505699043TRO050 - Loading Ramp1000200x2000x50 mm / 78.74x787.4x19.69 inch505699043