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How to - Chainsaw Safety Features

How to - Chainsaw safety features

Stay safe with your chainsaw. This film takes you through some important safety features that appear on all good chainsaws.
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How-to - Assemble a chainsaw.

How to - Assemble a chainsaw

A short explanation of how to identify the component parts and assemble your petrol chainsaw.
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How to - Start your petrol chainsaw

How to - Start your petrol chainsaw

A short video to help you get your chainsaw started easily and safely.
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How to - Mix 2 stroke oil and fuel for your chainsaw.

How to - Mix 2 stroke oil and fuel for your chainsaw

A guide on achieving the correct fuel mix for a two stroke engine. So your chainsaw will run perfectly. Always consult your user manual.
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How to - Avoid Kickback whilst using a chainsaw.

How to - Avoid kickback whilst using a chainsaw

Kickback is when a chainsaw is propelled back at the user. you need to understand what makes it happen to avoid it. This film explains that so you can stay safe.
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How to - Carry out basic maintenance of your petrol chainsaw.

How to - Carry out basic maintenance of your petrol chainsaw

Keep your chainsaw running smoothly with these useful tips.
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How to - Adjust the chain tension on your chainsaw.

How to - Adjust the chain tension on your chainsaw

Its important to achieve the correct tension for your chainsaw chain to safely cut and get the best performance. Always refer to your saws user manual but you can use this video is a general guide.
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NEW - Universal Leather Chainsaw Protective Boots

Regularly use a chainsaw? See why you need a pair of our NEW comfortable and durable leather boots with chainsaw protection. Stay Protected with UNIVERSAL Parts & Accessories - Powered by McCulloch.
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How to - Sharpen your chainsaw.

How to - Sharpen your chainsaw

You can prolong the life of your chain significantly by sharpening it rather than replacing it. Cutting chain can get blunted very quickly if it hits anything other than wood. This can greatly effect the chainsaws performance. Watch the film to find out how.
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